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Welcome to the NAWATA web site!

What is this organization and why do YOU need to be a part of it?

The North America Working Airedale Terrier Association (NAWATA) is an organization that is dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the working dog heritage of the Airedale Terrier breed.

This question can be answered in many ways. If you have an interest in the Airedale breed then you already have a vested interest in Airedale breeding practices, reasons for breeding, and of course seeing to it that we maintain a very high standard for the things that we want to see in the breed in the years to come.

Most likely what you see in Airedales now is a direct result of the focuses and concerns of those who have come before us. Many people around the world believe that the Airedale is a "can do" breed of dog and we should be attempting to breed dogs with this in mind.

Before I can correctly assess just what he "can do" I should be aware of what he "has done" as well as what others "have done" with him. To do that I must broaden my scope of knowledge to include what is done with this breed both in my country as well as all the other countries in which he is present.

NAWATA is the North American attempt at filling this "hole" in our knowledge about all the uses and roles of this fine breed of dog. I believe that we should support this venture with at the LEAST our membership and our willingness to get involved in the furthering of the concerns of OUR Dogs!

We have on these pages attempted to put together a variety of writings that should give a accurate picture of what NAWATA is doing and some training tips as well as insight into this great Working Dog!





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